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Walter Horsch - Success with Clematis
                                    Publications on Clematis
There are many books written in English solely on clematis (old and new) with such publications dating from as early as 1872 right up to the latest full colour offerings we can find on the bookshelves today. The older books can be just as interesting and informative as reading the latest publications, but for the purposes of this particular page I will be concentrating on the most recent offerings.

Here are a few publications that came out quite recently, one from John Howells, another from Marigold Badcock and one from Charles Chessire.

Clematis The Montanas a book for gardeners

Another excellent publication from John Howells, perhaps a bit too specialised for some gardeners as it deals solely with the Montana group and its cultivars. A somewhat difficult area for quite a few years, this book tries to clarify the often very difficult task of identifying different cultivars within this group. The book was reviewed in the BCS Journal by Val Le May Neville-Parry who holds a national collection of montanas. A review is also contained within the members section of this site.
ISBN 1-87067-351-4

Success with Clematis

This follow up book to her first publication a few years ago entitled 'Companions to Clematis' is perhaps designed to be more clematis only in nature.
Perhaps on reflection it would have made sense to have published this as a revised edition of her first book. Aimed at the general gardener it adds another useful addition to the ever popular gardening book scene and a more fuller review can be found in the members section.

ISBN 1-86108-407-2

Clematis inspiration selection and practical guidance

A truly stunning book with many vivid and detailed photographs that make you realise how lovely this plant can truly be, in all its diverse forms and colours.
Worth owning for just the photography alone, the author takes you through the many forms of clematis that can be found in cultivation today. It contains all the usual good advice that one would come to expect from a publication involving the RHS. A more fuller review can be found in the members section.

ISBN 1-84400-113-X

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