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The BCS publishes a number of fact sheets that provide a valuable insight to choosing and growing clematis. These have all been written by expert members of the Society and are based on a wealth of personal experience. Currently available titles are:
No. 1 - Cultivation and Pruning Clematis:
Describes when and how to plant new plants and what kind of after care they need, including pruning new and established plants.
No. 2 - Easy Clematis:
This is aimed at newcomers to clematis and recommends plants that are relatively easy to grow, but with a wide range of character.
No. 3 - Growing Clematis in Containers:
Describes how clematis can be grown successfully in containers and provides a list of suitable candidates.
No. 4 - Propagation Clematis by Seed or Cutting:
How to produce more plants for your garden from either seed or softwood cuttings.
No 5. - Choosing Clematis for Different Planting Positions in the Garden:
Conditions to suit particular types of clematis and how to choose plants to fit particular planting positions in your garden.
No 6. - Pests & Diseases:
Common problems with clematis and how to treat them.
The Fact Sheets are provided free to new Members joining the BCS. Non-members living in the UK can purchase the Fact Sheets, at a price of £2.50 including P&P for the set of six, from Charne Griffiths at the following address:- Haselour Cottage, Harlaston, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B79 9JT. Discounts are available for nurseries and garden centres; please write for details. Please make cheques payable to 'British Clematis Society'.
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