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The Clematis' is a journal of record for the Society, containing a pleasing mixture of authoritative articles on the genus, news and notes for gardeners and humorous anecdotes. The Clematis is a high quality publication and its articles are well supported by many colour photographs.

The Clematis 2021
This edition has over 145 pages containing many interesting articles as well as the more usual society correspondence - unfortunately due to the large number of articles in this edition only the main sections along with a few articles have been listed below:-

    1. Your Society
    2. Garden Lives and Clematis
        Tips Worth Sharing
        Vine Weevil
        A Little Corner of Jersey
        A Clematis Journey
        Clematis as Cut Flowers
    3. Growers and Nurseries
        New Leaf Plants - A Wholesale Clematis Nursery
        The Old Garden Nursery
        In Persuit of the Burfords
        The Jackmans of Woking
    4. Cultivars, Species, Groups
        Clematis terniflora
        Notes on Clematis 'Aromatica'
        Is Clematis 'jackmanii' True to Name or Not?
        Clematis in Mediterranean and Temperate Zones
        Clematis 'Paul Farges'
        Clematis 'Tie Dye'
    5. Propagation and Breeding
        Interesting Clematis
        Growing Clematis from Seed in Limited Space
        How to Prune Clematis
        Testing New Cultivars
    6. IClS and Registrations


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