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'Elf '

This is another delightful plant from the endless stable of Mr Barry Fretwell, introduced from his now closed nursery in Christow, Devon.
The flowers are outward facing and are made up of four oblong shaped sepals of around 3 cm in length which recurve at the tips and opening at its widest to around 5 cm. The inside of the sepal is a brilliant white, while the outside is generally a a rosy mauve-purple with white edging, although this is dependant on how much sun reaches the growing bud as the shaded side can stay almost white if in too much shade.

These bell shaped flowers have white filaments and white anthers with dark muddy brown to very dark purple almost black connectives, these seem to spiral around the prominant central dark purple to blue black stamens.
Unlike its name seems to imply this plant manages to reaches a grand height of between 6-8' (180-240 cm).
Its parents are C.viticella 'Alba Luxurians' and C.texensis 'Etoile Rose' and traits of both of these plants can be seen clearly in the stamens and overall shape of the flower.
The plant is generally semi herbaceous in nature making very little attempt to cling on and thus needs some support and for this reason I grow it up through a medium sized shrub. It dies down to the ground in winter and should be hard pruned in Feb/March. It starts to Flower in late June and continues on until September.

It can suffer a bit from mildew so the fortnightly spraying of systemic fungicide is thoroughly recommended.
When originally sold from Barry Fretwells nursery in Devon it came with a premium as £1 of the cost was being donated to a good cause. This plant is currently quite difficult to get hold of, although I believe it may be part of the Barry Fretwell Collection that will be available soon in the UK. The raiser has now retired so for the moment your only option is a more specialised nursery who may be able to supply it.
Hopefully such delightful cultivars will become more readily available to the general public.

Flower Colour
Sepals of these bell shaped flowers are a purple mauve on the outside and a brilliant white on the inside.
Pruning Group
Group 3
Zone 4
6-8' or 180-240 cm
Flowering Season
Late June to September
Sun or Semi-shade
Other info
Raised by Barry Fretwell at his nursery in Devon from a cross between C. viticella 'Alba Luxurians' and C.texensis 'Etoile Rose

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