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This is an early large-flowered cultivar
The first flush of flowers in May-June are usually double or semi-double measuring up to 12 cm across and are produced from the previous years old wood, with single flowers later on from new growth in September. It usually has 6 outer sepals on the early flowers which are pinky mauve with a darker bar of a reddish-purple. The number and colourings is also true of the later single flowers although overall the colours are generally paler.

These wavy edged overlapping sepals are elliptic but quite wide while the tip is somewhat variable with the later flower being more pointed than the early flowers which can be more apiculate.
On the double or semi-double flowers the shorter and thinner inner wavy edged sepals seem generally to be a lot lighter in the pinky mauve colouring while the central reddish-purple bar is about the same but it does not reach to the end of the sepal.

The central boss is made up of creamy-white filaments and pale yellow anthers with an initially green connective.
A nice plant for growing up small to medium sized structures and the equivalent sized shrubs, it is also an ideal container plant due to its growth ceiling of around 5-6' (150-180 cm).
It can be grown in sun or semi-shade although too much sun will fade the sepals especially those on the second flowering which are much lighter than those of the first flowers.

It is a member of pruning group 2 (light prune) so a tidy up in late Feb or early March is all that is required.
Not a common garden centre cultivar but I have seen it being offered now and again, so you may have to resort to a specialised nursery to get this one.
A perfect plant for growing in a container due to its low height, coupled to this the initially double flowers and you can understand why this cultivar is rightly popular.
I believe the name 'Piilu' means little duckling.

Flower Colour
Sepals are pinky mauve with a reddish-purple bar, the inner sepals on the double flowers are slightly shoreter and slightly paler in colour.
Pruning Group
Group 2
Zone 4
5-6'' or 150-180 cm
Flowering Season
May-June (Double or Semi-double) and August-September (Single)
Sun or Semi-shade
Other info
Produced in the mid 1980s from a cross of 'Hagley Hybrid' and 'Makhrovyi' by Uno Kivistik of Estonia.
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