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C. henryi var. morii

A somewhat rare plant in cultivation this species plant from Taiwan bears bell shaped flowers very similar to C.henryi between the months of December and March. The relatively small nodding bell shaped flowers (15-25 mm across) have creamy-white sepals (fading to yellow-brown) sometimes with a purple tinge especially towards the base. The flowers give off a lovely sweet fragrance although you need to be in close proximity or in an enclosed environment to gain the benefit.
The plant has very distinctive ternate narrow (lineate) glossy green leaves which occasionally try to be trilobed. The lower leaves can be single or trilobed (see bottom left of picture on the right).
The end leaflet being almost twice the length of the two side leaves. The leaves although looking smooth sided actually show small undulations and also fine hairs down their length. These plant hairs can occasionally appear on the upper surface but they are shorter and very sparse. The plant stems are comparable to the leaves as they too are very thin compared to those on C.henryi. It was at one time thought this was a completely different species but for the time being it is grouped with its larger leaved compatriot.
It seems to have the same vigour when in full growth as C.henryi and attempts to climb although its generally more dainty growth only allows it to cover smaller areas in an equivalent length of time.

If left unchecked by the cold weather it could probably put on a similar length of growth as C.henryi although it would probably take twice the length of time.
The hardiness of this plant is somewhat up for question as I have lost two of these plants and would definitely recommend a conservatory unless you have a particularly warm and relatively frost free position. I would say that C.henryi is definitely more hardier than this thin leaved variety as 'morii' at the hint of cold weather says sorry I don't like this and turns brown and drops all its leaves within a very short space of time.
C.henryi on the contrary does no such thing and maintains some varying amount of leaves even when subject to freezing temperatures. I think if you want to see any flowers on this plant you must have a conservatory and if you don't you will be struggling to keep it alive during the winter months.

Flower Colour
Small nodding bell shaped flowers have creamy-white sepals (fading to yellow-brown) sometimes with a purple tinge on the inside and recurving tipstowards the base .
Pruning Group
Group 1
Zone 10
15' or 450 cm or lower
Flowering Season
January to March
Warm site or a Conservatory
Lightly fragrant
Possibly if in a heated conservatory.
Other info
Found in Taiwan

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