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Clematis Profiles

Now there are a few excellent web sites on the internet that give detailed clematis profiles including pictures of just about every clematis you can think of. Even by interrogating some of the nursery web sites it is possible to gather a reasonable amount of information on individual plants.

It is not the intention of the public side of this web site to build up a similar plant index as this puts a great onus on the BCS volunteers to keep adding new plant profiles on a regular basis although we know how this can add interest to regular visitors.

This is not to say the membership area of the site will be without such a benefit as this will certainly contain a beneficial plant profile area with descriptions of most plants that are currently available here in the UK. It is also intended that each profile will have at least 3 or 4 photographs and some with even more of a very detailed nature. By applying this process it will enable the society to add profiles when time permits and no pressure needs to be applied to individuals to keep providing such information.

Not to alienate all visitors, it is intended from time to time, to place certain streamlined plant profiles contained in the membership area into the public domain for all to see.

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